Small Strobe Light: Creative Motion Battery-Operated LED Strobe Light

Creative Motion Battery-Operated LED Strobe Light

Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Light Lamp

Chauvet Lighting MINISTROBELED LED Mini Strobe Light - Black

Generic Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote

Amber Emergency Hazard Warning LED Mini Bar Strobe Light w/ Magnetic Base

Evictor Strobe Light 10K

CompuTTY KMFT-793 Krown Strobe Visual Flasher

UCO Clarus 150 Lumen LED Mini Lantern and Flashlight with Dimmer and Strobe

Hilight 250 Lumens Pistol LED Strobe Flashlight with Weaver Quick Release

4.5" Rotating Red Flashing Beacon Party Lamp DJ Strobe Light

Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light, Single Pack

KONG SPORT Aqua Pro Flotation Vest for Dogs, X-Small, Orange

Rhode Island Novelty 7" Revolving Disco Light, Small

Flash Light

Blue Red 54X LED Police Vehicle Deck Grille Strobe Warning Lights - 1 set

TSSS? Stage Lighting ~ Save $$$ Promotion for Xmas ~ Disco DJ Party Lighting ~ LED RGB Crystal RAINBOW COLOR Effect light ~ Happy Birthday Home Party

Light Up Bow Tie (Aqua)

Zuwit HOT Sale Panel Voice Remote Control 6x LED Crystal Ball Party Lighting Disco DJ Stage Light

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Small Strobe Light Popular Q&A

Q: Small Strobe Light
A: Small strobe light using a 5W luxeon star. Runs for over 2 hrs from a 9V battery, fits into a altoids gum tin. A fun project that cost under $50 and takes under... Read More »

Q: Small Strobe Light
A: I recommend breadboarding the entire circuit first. It was way easier on a breadboard that trying to figure out what goes where on a tiny piece of protoboard. S... Read More »

Q: Why do trains have small strobe lights on top of the cabin?
A: They are a warning device. And not a very effective one, either. The oscillating ditch lights are much better as a warning. One of things I miss about the old m... Read More »

Q: How to Use Strobe Lights.
A: 1. Place the strobe light in the area from which you wish to produce the flashes of light. Plug the power cord into the nearest electrical outlet. 2. Turn on th... Read More »

Q: How to Build a Strobe Light.
A: 1. Purchase or make a 1-foot square wooden box. Leave one side of the box open. 2. Insert a light fixture for a 100 watt bulb into the box. Attach the fixture t... Read More »

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